Check out the Fire Truck and Build Your Child’s Language!

Several of our Speech-Language Pathologist’s at Emerge follow a blogger named Jenna Rayburn, who recently wrote a great post about developing speech and language skills while exploring a fire truck. Check out the complete blog post here: On April 9th Emerge will be celebrating its 15th anniversary with a fun-filled community event! At the event, a local fire truck will be present for the children to explore. Here are 5 ways to support your child’s language development while they explore the truck and help us celebrate this milestone!

  1. Vocabulary: There are so many things to label on a truck!
  2. Functions and Actions: Along with teaching vocabulary, you can asking and talk about the different functions of the objects on the truck (i.e. What does a siren do?Why do they need a hose?)
  3. Attributes: You can talk about the truck in terms of category, size, color, etc. Try working on these categories while playing “I Spy.”
  4. Sequencing: This is a great opportunity to talk about when you would need to call the fire department. Walk your child through when they should call and the steps for making that call.l.
  5. WH? Questions: Who drives a fire truck? When do they use the sirens? There are so many questions to ask!

Posted by: Anna Housman, MS, CCC-SLP