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Executive Functions:

Executive functions are a cluster of cognitive skills that include the ability to anticipate consequences, generate novel ideas and solutions, initiate appropriate actions, and monitor ongoing success or failure. They allow us to connect the past (reflection), present (awareness/insight) and future (planning).  

Red flags or hallmarks of deficits with Executive Function:
  • Trouble following directions
  • Difficulty remembering sequences
  • Strained emotional control/inhibition
  • Hard time focusing and sustaining attention
  • Struggling with planning, prioritizing, and organization
  • Difficulty sensing the passage of time and using time efficiently (time management)


Join us at Emerge on Saturday, August 25th for the next session in our Parent Education Series – “Eye on Executive Function.”


This course will help families learn more about all the components that fall under the umbrella term “Executive Function.”  It will cover how deficits in executive function can impact your child’s daily life, what interventions are available to help, and how to ask for support in school.  Additional resources found or provided outside of our clinic will also be covered. This course will include a presentation with interactive activities, in addition to opportunities for parents to ask questions both during the presentation and with therapist one-on-one afterwards. This course is open to current Emerge families, as well as any interested parents and caregivers in the community.


To find out more information about the presentation and how to sign up, click here  to be redirected to our flyer and registration or give us a call at 919-928-0204.


We hope to see you there!