Are you frustrated by your child’s limited food repertoire?

Do you want your child to eat a more varied, healthy diet?

Emerge can help!

In addition to our preschool program, Emerge is very excited to offer FOOD SCHOOL.  In Food School therapists work with small groups of children, ages 5 year olds and up using the Toomey SOS (Sensory-Oral-Sequential) Approach in order to:

  • expand a child’s food repertoire,
  • develop socially acceptable behaviors around food,
  • correct sensory misperceptions and damaging self-esteem issues related to food.

The focus of these groups will be to use kid-friendly “scientific approach” to “exploring food”. Children will learn to engage with and explore food in a comfortable and sensory supportive environment. The groups will also incorporate “lessons” to facilitate a child’s understanding of nutrition and the process of eating (both anatomical and physiological).

Please check with your child’s therapist or call 489-7333 if you would like more information or want to register your child.  new preschool and school age groups will be starting on June 16th.