Back in the Swing

A Back-to-School Readiness Presentation
Part of the Parent Education Workshop Series


Have you seen it yet — the Back-to-School signs and school supplies that have started cropping up in stores everywhere?  Just when you start to get comfortable in your summer schedule…..BAM….it’s time to start thinking about going back to school.  

Does it make you feel anxious? Have you wondered about the difference between Montessori schools, Public schools, and all the other different types of school philosophies?  Does the thought of having to get your kids up and out the door to make it to school on time sound overwhelming?  Do you ever feel like, despite having a whole “team” working with your child, you still don’t understand all of what happens in an IEP or what your rights as a parent are? Back-to-School can be an overwhelming time for a lot of families.  Whether your child is just starting school or you feel like an old pro, there can be a lot of questions, concerns, or worries that come up with the transition back into school.  

Join us at Emerge on Saturday, August 12th for the next session in our Parent Education Series – “Back in the Swing!” – where we’ll help answer some of the questions mentioned above!

“Back in the Swing” is a presentation geared towards helping families get back in the swing of the school year.  During this session we will cover many different ways to set your child and yourself up for a successful school year!  We will cover organization tips to help with time management and how to create a sensory diet.  We will explore different education philosophies and discuss ways to open up communication with your child’s teacher to create more successful classroom strategies.  We will also dive into information to help you navigate the Individualized Education Plan (IEP) process.

To find out more information about the presentation and how to sign up, click here  to be redirected to our flyer or give us a call at 919-928-0204.

We hope to see you there!