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We are excited to announce…

In addition to our in-house staff presenting on Executive Function, we will also have Sha’Ronn Brown from Connect to Learning, LLC with us on August 25th for our next parent workshop!  She will have a table set up at Emerge with additional information and resources.  So come spend the morning with us at Emerge, meet Sha’Ronn, and learn more about executive function!


Sha’Ronn Brown is the owner of Connect to Learning, LLC.  She received her undergraduate degrees in English and Education from North Carolina Central University, and her master’s degree in Organizational Management from Pfeiffer University.

She is a former middle school teacher who taught 7th and 8th grade Language Arts.

Sha’Ronn also worked as a program coordinator for the All Kinds of Minds institute, which helps students who are struggling learners, and those with differences in learning.

Her passion is helping students to achieve their full potential, and recognize their strengths. Since starting Connect to Learning, LLC she has tutored middle and high school students in reading, writing, organizational skills, study skills, and test prep.


To find out more about this workshop and to register please  Click Here or call our front desk at 919-928-0204!