During an IM Session, children watch a game-like interface on a computer screen while listening to a reoccurring, adaptive beat via headphones. Children attempt to match the beat through tapping or clapping motions using sensors on the hands or at the feet. Children receive real-time feedback regarding the accuracy of their timing and motor coordination via changing tones and/or images on a monitor. By practicing these skills using the progressive and scalable program, children can calibrate the neural mechanisms that control mental timing and processing speed.

Who Can Benefit?

Many children can be referred for Interactive Metronome services. Children with gross motor delays, sensory processing concerns or learning deficits show improvements after attending IM sessions. Children with speech and language delays, and/or other various cognitive and physical difficulties can also benefit from IM. It is the only neuro-motor therapy tool that can be used successfully with all patients across the therapy spectrum.

Research-backed results

A case study, highlighted here, shows a 7-year-old boy with ADHD who had difficulties in sustaining attention, sitting still and completing tasks. After 15 sessions of IM, his parents reported significant changes in his ability to interact with peers and in his ability to participate in and initiate new motor activities.

One academic study measured the performance of over 700 middle and high school students for general intellectual ability, specific cognitive abilities, oral language, and academic achievement. Pre and post test results showed that children who participated in 12 one-hour IM sessions had statistically significant increases in grade equivalent performances in the following areas:

 o       Over 1.5 year gain in math fluency

 o       Over 2 year gain in reading fluency

 o       Over 2.5 year gain in mental processing speed

Interactive Metronome is a structured, goal-oriented program that can be beneficial on its own, or as a supplement to Occupational Therapy and/or Speech Therapy. In addition to improving memory, attention and processing, IM has been reported to boost overall confidence.

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