“Thousands of parents of children with autism selected occupational therapy as the best therapy for their child in a recent survey on MyAutismTeam.com. The site is a social network for parents of children with autism and currently has nearly 30,000 members. As part of the sign up process, parents are asked, “what therapies, if any, worked best for your child?”

Occupational therapy was the top choice and was mentioned by 39% of parents who answered the survey. Speech therapy came in second with 27%, and applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy received 15% of the mentions. See the entire list of results here.

“Clearly occupational therapy has made a big difference in the lives of many kids with autism,” says the co-founder of MyAutismTeam, Eric Peacock. “It’s among the first therapies parents recommend to each other when they connect on MyAutismTeam.”

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