It is still so hard to fully understand and catch up with all the changes that we have ALL had to make in the past 2.5 months. We have greatly missed seeing all of our clients’ smiling faces in the clinic and look forward to seeing you all very soon. So many families have jumped in feet first with us into the world of telehealth, and wow – the progress we have seen is so great! Emerge is ready to begin welcoming families back into the clinic, but in order to do that we have had to put some changes in place to keep everyone safe. Our families are still able to access telehealth until further notice. However, if you decide to come back to in-person sessions, here is what we are doing to keep our clients, families and staff safe as the public health emergency continues.

  • Curb-side drop off and pick up – our therapists will greet you outside at your car and return your child to you once the session is complete. Parents will call the front desk to let us know they have arrived and the therapist will come collect the child from the parking lot.   Durham: 919-928-0204         Cary: 919-338-1522
  • Temperature checks – we will be taking the temperature of all persons coming into the clinic with a contactless thermometer
  • Masks – all staff will be wearing face coverings and/or shields. We ask that adults, and children who are able, please wear a mask when coming into the building as well. If you do not have a face covering, one will be provided for you.
  • Health Screening – your therapist will send you a ‘Health Screening’ to complete prior to coming in for your sessions. 
  • Hand washing – will be done for all persons coming into the clinic before starting a session
  • Social Distancing – all staff will do our best to keep our clients 6 feet away from others
  • Waiting Room – will remain closed at this time. 
  • One way traffic – staff will use the back door to exit and the front door to enter when circulating to pick up/return a client. There will also be markings on the floor in some places to show which way traffic should circulate.
  • Sanitizing – staff will be sanitizing their treatment space and all touched surfaces during the last few minutes of each session in order to prepare a safe environment for their next client. We will be using medical glade cleaning supplies and a UV sanitizing tray.
  • No shared equipment – Hard to sanitize materials, such as the ball pit, will remain closed at this time. If a therapist uses the pillow pile, cloud swing, or other porous materials they will be cleaning that material prior to using it with another child. Each child who needs it will be provided with their own tactile materials (i.e. playdoh, putty) that will be labeled with their name and kept at the clinic. 
  • Limiting occupancy – We are closely managing the number of people in the clinic at one time to minimize risk and allow for social distancing.

I look forward to seeing more of your faces very soon! Continue to be safe and well.

-Brittni Winslow, Executive Director