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While regular attendance at therapy sessions is crucial for your child’s progress, we also understand that children get sick.  We want to make the clinic a safe environment for your child and all our clients and staff.  We ask that you adhere to the following guidelines in determining whether your child is well enough to attend therapy.
  • Children should be free from fever, vomiting or diarrhea for at least 24 hours prior to their appointment without the aid of fever reducers (Tylenol, Motrin, etc.).
    • A fever is considered to be a temperature at or above 100 degrees
  • Children who are home from school because of an illness should not attend therapy.
  • Please be cautious about highly contagious illness.  If your child presents with one of these illnesses, do not bring them to therapy until the risk of transmission has passed.
    • Highly contagious illnesses include (but are not limited to): pink eye, head lice, scabies, whooping cough, strep throat, hand-foot-mouth, ringworm, pin worms, and chicken pox.
  • If a family member has any of the above contagious illnesses please call our office to reschedule your child’s appointment.
  • If your child is lethargic or unable to participate in daily activities due to an illness, please do not bring them to therapy.
  • If your child develops a fever or falls ill during their appointment, we will end the session early.  Please remain available/close by to pick your child up, if needed.
  • If a sibling or other family member is actively sick and/or contagious, we ask that you also refrain from bringing them into the clinic.