Images If you are looking for a fun toy that develops fine motor and visual perceptual skills, consider the String Along Lacing Kit.  We have used it with children as young as three and up to 8 or 9 (although frankly it is fun at any age).  A colored string is loaded into the punch needle and then pushed into a hole on the board.  The inset foam holds the string in place as the needle is moved to a new hole.  As the string is connected from hole to hole, a picture is created. Holding the ‘needle’ is a great way to reinforce the correct way to hold a pencil, while doing a fun and engaging activity. While the basic kit can be used by children as young as three, the pattern cards provide extra visual perceptual challenge for older children. The String-Along kit is fun, quiet, and portable, making it a great travel activity. The board stands up well to being used multiple times.  Designs are removed quickly and easily just by pulling one end of the string.