This is a relatively new game to the Emerge toy closet. It has quickly become a favorite to target a variety of goals. Chameleon Crunch is silly and fun which is always motivating for our friends. The game comes with a bright blue, battery powered chameleon that runs around in circles. The object of the game is to feed the chameleon bugs when it stops. The trick is that occasionally he stops and spits out the bugs with a burp!   

Chameleon Crunch comes with a chameleon and an assortment of primary colored bugs. We have discovered that you can also feed him other small objects such as small articulation cards, lizards, dinosaurs, play doh shapes (or whatever you want to target in a play session).

Four Fun Ways to Play:
  1. Vocabulary: During play with the chameleon label body parts (tongue, eyes, tail, feet, back, belly, spikes, etc.), colors, action words (ex., run, eat, stop, go), circle, funny, silly.
  2. Following Directions and Turn Taking: Give your child a direction to follow. The directions can be simple: “He’s hungry! Feed the chameleon!” Or make the directions more difficult: “He likes to eat blue bugs. Feed him the blue bugs.” “Feed him a blue bug and then a yellow bug.”  “Feed him three bugs!” Take turns feeding the chameleon to develop game play skills.
  3. Active Play: Pair chameleon play with another task to motivate your child to complete a less favorable task. “Let’s do ____ first then we can feed the chameleon.”
  4. Verb Tenses: Talk about what the chameleon is doing, and then what he did to target verb tenses and sentences. For example, “He is hungry. He wants to eat. Feed him a bug. He is running. He is fast!” “We chased the chameleon. We fed him a bug. He was a fast runner but you were faster! He ate the bugs and then he spit them out!”


Blog Post by Janet Marron M.Ed. CCC-SLP