This toy includes the following materials:

● 12 wooden cookies

● 12 toppings

● Wooden knife

● Spatula

● Cookie sheet

● Oven mitt

How to play with the cookie set:

❏ Use it to work on sequencing. The set has step-by-step instructions for making the cookies on both the bottom of the cookie sheet and the bottom of the box. Have your child look at the pictures and describe the steps one at a time in sequence. Ask him/her to describe what to do for a particular step (e.g., What should we do for step #3?). You could also photocopy the steps or draw each one out on a separate card. Then mix up the steps and see if your child can put them in order. Your child could also answer before/after questions (e.g., What should we do after we take them out of the oven?).

❏ Describe the cookies, and work on understanding attributes. Half are chocolate and half are vanilla. Some have sprinkles, some have swirls, and some have dots. Have your child tell you which one he/she wants (e.g., the chocolate one with a blue swirl), or describe one and see if your child can identify the one you want.

❏ Practice asking questions. The cookie set lends itself well to pretend “restaurant” play. Your child can “take orders” from other family members (e.g., Do you want a cookie? Which cookie would you like?).

❏ Help your child learn words for kitchen items/equipment, such as knife, spatula, and oven mitt. Give your child the cookie tube, without any of the other pieces. He/she can request the items needed, and you can either give them to him/her or provide clues as to where they can be found. You can also help your child learn the functions, or uses of objects with this activity. For example, ask your child, “What do you use to cut the cookies?” “What do you wear on your hand to protect it from the hot pan?”

❏ Bilateral integration and coordination – Practice these skills by using the pretend knife to slice the cookies, stabilizing the cookies with the non-dominant hand. Your child can pull cookie pieces apart and carry the tray, using both sides of the body.

❏ Use the set to practice handwriting. Create a “menu”, listing toppings (e.g. sprinkles, candy, frosting, chocolate chips) and types of cookies. Your child can also write out the steps for setting up and “baking” the cookies.

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