I cannot imagine a case of untreated SI that does not interfere with a child’s education. If the child is distracted and annoyed by sounds, sights, movement (or lack of), touch, smells and tastes (among other sensations), how could these irritants not interfere with his or her education? Is this possible?

Try this: Turn on the radio, but do not tune it. Leave it on static and fuzz. Turn it up. Ask someone to turn the lights on and off. Strap yourself into a broken chair that is missing a leg and use a table that is off balance–you know the ones in restaurants that makes us all so mad. Now put on some scratchy lace in place of a comfortable T-shirt, put your pants on backwards and wear shoes one size too small. Pour a bowl of grated Parmesan cheese, open a can of sardines and bring the cat box to the table. Now snack on your least favorite food, the one you never eat because it comes with a gag reflex. With all this in place, pick up a new book and learn something new!